Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Isn't sharing the road with others fun?

This is a draft of a haibun I'm writing. I thought I'd share it with everyone while its getting worked on. Just in case you don't know what a haibun is, I'm going to describe it: It's the combination of prose and haiku. Some of the ones I've seen describe a scene or subject in prose, then sprinkle some haiku in the mix. I really like the form and this is my first one. Enjoy.

Walking to my car.
Getting in and preparing,
Seat belt is now on.

Starts off no problem, hey maybe I'll get to my destination without any problems or headaches. Minutes pass by, now coming up to an intersection; wee! I can tell this is going to be fun. Waiting... Waiting... Whats this? Someone on the side of me didn't want to wait in line and now have driven all the way up to where I am at and wants in? OH... HELL NO!

And so it begins.
Dastardly drivers are out.
And I'm in the mix.

Sorry bud, I like to be nice and all.... But you decided to drive up this far knowing there was a giant line of cars, and, now you want in so you don't have to wait. Whats this? Going to edge your car up even closer to wedge yourself in. My foot to the gas tapping it and the other foot on the break rrrrOOOM.... rrrrrOOOM.... Like I said bud.... HELL NO!

Large hunks of metal,
Fiberglass and attitudes.
Like I said bud. “NO!”

Boy is this light taking for ever to change. And mister I own the road is still trying to cut in.... Foot off the gas.... Oh well.... Mumbles to self “jackass”....

It's time to cool down.
Just let him in and its done.
Cool down. Its one car.

Looking to my left even further down. One.... Two... Three.... Three jackass'! Oh great!

The road can be fun!
All those wonderful drivers!
Don't you just love them?