Sunday, February 24, 2008

Love Is Strange and Powerful

I have found in my experience that love is both the creator and destroyer of worlds. It changes and morphs entire time lines, it can cure and it can kill. It can be the best thing in your life or the worst thing of your nightmares. It can turn night into day and day into night, it can turn from gold to black just as quick. Love definitely is a strange thing. The creator but also the destroyer of many things. Most people see love as something great, and it is; but people sometimes miss the dark side of love, it's there, I know it is. Love is probably the most powerful thing on this planet, maybe even the universe. There is nothing else that can sway people's actions as much as love can, and there is nothing that can create and destroy hopes more then love. As corny as it sounds, it's sort of like a yin and yang relationship, but I guess thats what comes with love, in order to have love you have to have the two extremes, without one, you don't have love.

Love is both a blessing and curse rolled up into one.