Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rat Drone -DRAFT- Here for you to see early.

This is just a draft of a poem written like prose, commonly called a prose poem. Anyway, this may change, or it may not. Like I said it's just a draft. I thought people might like to read it.

I don't want to be a little rat scurrying around and around for his cheese; a drone of society. There has got to be other ways to get my cheese. Give me some cheese please. Like I said I don't want to be a little rat drone scurrying around and around redundantly for my cheese. I need to do my own thing, find my own original source of cheese, I need lots of cheese. I want so much cheese that I don't have to worry about cheese. Yummy! Give me some cheese please. Is this getting redundant? Well, rat droning is redundant. Give me some cheese please. Cheese makes the world spin, most people would disagree, but I'm right. Cheese solves lots of problems, it also creates them. But all I know. Is I want lots of it.

So you say I have to run around and round in a maze, or in a wheel for my cheese? I have to break my back, and or stress out for my cheese? So you say I have to give up half my life for my cheese? No thanks, I'll find my cheese some how. I don't think all that is necessary for cheese. Its just cheese after all right? Its everywhere, there has to be more interesting ways to get it. You know. Without giving up half your life.

Have fun giving up half your life and being drone in a maze, running on wheels, in a cage. Being a rat maybe alright, but it isn't for me. Nope. Call me in 20 years rat drone, tell me how much cheese you have, and if your happy. And watch as people take your cheese because they say it is theirs. Yummy! Cheese is great isn't it? Give me some cheese please.